"Digital Art Festival"
March 1st-April 1st, 2001
Loft New Media Art Space
Dec 9th-10th, 2000
China Contemporary Art Museum
"Pattern Transfer"
April-June, 2000
"Art Or Life"
July 31st, 1999
Girlie Love Stories No.2: Some Tapwater Pearls
video installation
Curator: lizhenhua
Artist: Tanya Hart
Date: August 31st-September 2nd, 2002
Address: White Cube
Back to the past

Curator: Li Zhenhua
Artist: Sheng Qi
Date: Jan 26th, 2002
Address: 3rd and 2nd ring road with the most important New Chinese Buildings

Daily Hand Book Curator: Pi Li
Artists: Jiang Zhi, Duan Jianyu, Peng Donghui, Zheng Guogu, He An, Chen Shaoxiong
Date: Dec 8th-16th, 2001
Address: MSG, Beijing
SALT The element in Chinese dish may convert into another expierence from the Modern Chinese!
Date: Nov 3rd, 2001
Space: MSG
Dutch Jazz Quatet A jazz band with only saxphone play as a quatet!
Date: Oct 28th, 2001
Space: MSG
Chen Qingqing's Performance A woman's reaction by the War
Date: Oct 27th, 2001
Space: MSG
Sun Guojuan & Liyu New Work Show Photograph by Sun GuoJuan & Liyu
One year project meet each other in Beijing from Yunan and Taiwan!
Date: Oct 21st-27th, 2001
Space: MSG
Wang Peng's Performance Multi media, interactive, performance
The project before he went back to New York!
Date: Oct 20th, 2001
Space: MSG

Find more possibillity of art form mix and change, create and distroy in a same space, installation, performing arts, mix media or new media. Different timing will give this exhibition a body by 6 parts of different elements.

Artists & Date:
Wang Wei [ Sep 1st-8th ]
Qiu Zhijie [ Sep 9th-15th ]
Liu Wei [ Sep 16th-22th ]
Zhang Hui [ Sep 23th-Sep 29th]
Shi Qing [ Sep 30th-Oct 6th ]
Wu Ershan [ Oct 7th-13th ]

Curator: Li Zhenhua
More Info:13321191731/mustardseedgall@yahoo.com
Opening: 3:00 P.M (Sep 8th, Sep 15th, Sep 22th, Sep 29th, Oct 6th, Oct 13th)
Address: MSG

Wu Ershan & Shiqing New Work Show

Date: August 11st-31st, 2001
Opening: 3P.M August 11st, 2001


Date: July 14th-21st, 2001
Opening: 3P.M July 14th, 2001

Artists: Li Yong, Li Pinghu, Li Chuan, Wangwei, Shi Qing, Wu Ershan, Liuwei, Zhang Hui, Ma Jie, Qiu Zhijie, Song Dong, Wang Peng, Rania

Sound Art From: FM3, Feng Jiangzhou, Sidsel Endression & Bugge Wesseltoft, Burkhard Stangl & Christof Kurzmann

Curator: Qiu Zhijie, Li Zhenhua

MSG Opening Exhibition Zhanghui, Zhang Qianqian, Ju Anqi, FM3
May 26th-June 26th



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