Baoluo and "Beijing Talking"

Baoluo: Baoluo, stepped on music performance stage since 1986. In 1987 , she joined the first competition held in China Pop music history ---------------- the 1st China CCTVpop music competition, she got position 6th in competition.In 1990, she started her life with rock music, she joined few bands includ "Self Education", "Preassure Point" and some other Punk and Rock bands, and she became the first chinese female Punk singer. She was famous with her bare head and her revolt image. In 1995, on CCTV, they had broadcast 2 Music Video of Paul in a famous music TV program " NewSongs of 1995", this let her became the first underground musician who can be able to show up on CCTV. By the way, her music was ranked no.2 in a largest Music Magazine's music ranking, this makes her well known in China. 1993, Baoluo and her music partner Su Fang finished her first album, and signed contract with 2 different music company which are from Hong Kong and Beijing, but because of her stubborn, she resigned contract with them. In 1996, she signed contract with the world known WARNER Music LTD., and in 1998, Warner Music published their overseas version of . In March 2002, Baoluo and Su Fang formed a new band --- "Beijing Talking"

Beijing Talking: China first new classic doctrine style world music group, someone saids they're China's "Dead Can Dance".Since 1993, Baoluo and Su Fang started to search for some different ways to express and compose their imagination and a new kind of world language. After a long period of composing, they've found no matter Rock or Pop music, they couldn't do as much as they want to do, and so they try to listen alot of Chinese music, classical vocal music, Arabian music, Indian music and other different music as long to express more of their composing spaces, and they put what they got from these in "Beijing Talking". In "Beijing Talking", their material came from many different places, no matter melody of Chinese music, different rhythmic part from Arabian music, vocals from western classcial music, primitive sound of drummings from world different tribe, or even newest midi loop can also be a king of music style in "Beijing Talking".Their performance gives up three commonly Use instruments- guitar, bass and drumset, and mainly use Percussion , Chinese instruments and Vocal, this formed the newest sound in Beijing. 28th March, 2002, "Beijing Talking" held their first performance in Poachers, and it was a big success, and so became the first well known independent band. The France Culture Department's French alliance invited "Beijing Talking" to be the only Chinese band which can perform in the French music festival on 21st June, 2002 .

The band members and instruments: "Beijing Talking" would like to use more different traditional instruments and players to compose new music style. Baoluo and Su Fang found different musicians who came from China and other places. "Beijing Talking"s first melodic instruments is Horse Head Fiddel, performer was came from Mogolia -- Burentegus. There are 2 musicians in percussion section, one came from China, a very well known percussionist-- Liu Xiao Song, and the other one came from Japan, young percussionist --SoiChiro Arai. "Beijing Talking"'s second melodic instruments are Chinese Gu Zheng and Gu Qin, performer is came from China Broadcast Orchestra soloist -- Fan Wei Qin. Keyboard's performer is came from Beijing -- Mu Qiang. By the way, "Beijing Talking" future performance will also add more chinese traditional instruments. Most of the percussion instruments are - Djembe from Africa, Darbuka from Arabia, Tibetian drum, China drum from Han, Chinese timpani, Beijing's opera drum, and many hand drums etc.


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