Cui ZiĄŻen

He is a movie director. He is also a novelist, a movie critic and a film screenplay writer. He holds a master degree in literature and is deputy researcher of the movie institute in Beijing Film Academy.

He published 9 novels in China and Hong Kong. Among them, <UncleĄŻs Past> won the 2001 Germany Radio Literature Award. He also published 6 art critical article collections and art theory works in China. He is a columnist for four magazines, with columns such as Cui ZiĄŻen Special Column, China Underground Movie, and Cui Zien Movie Critic. In 2002, he was granted a Felipa Award by IGLHRC in USA and California State Assembly Award in USA.

DV Works / Script Writer & Director
2002 < Enter the Clowns > (Choujue Deng Chang), 80 min.
3th Jeonju International Film Festival
21th Vancouver International Film Festival
2th GFF
Mardi Gras Film Festival
UCLA New Chinese Cinema
32th International Film Festival, Rotterdam
2003 UCHICAGO Queerly Chinese Cinemas
26th AAIFF
27th San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
CHINE(S), Paris
30th Flanders International Film Festival
4th Rome Asiatica film mediale festival
Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2003

2002 <The Old Testament > (Jiu Yue), 74 min.
53th Berlin Internationale Filmfestspiele PANORAMA/TEDDY
2003 UCHICAGO Queerly Chinese Cinemas
21th Los Angeles Outfest
7th San Francisco Annual Asian Film Festival
UCSD Chinese Underground Film Festival
Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Jakarta International Film Festival
2003 Festival Mix Brazil
2004 Festival du Film Asiatique Sierre

2003 < Keep Cool and Don't Blush > (Lian Bu Bian Se Xin Bu Tiao), 70 min.
27th Hong Kong International Film Festival

2003 < Feeding Boys, Ayaya > (Ai Ya Ya,Qu Bu Ru), 80min.
22th Vancouver International Film Festival
8th Pusan International Film Festival
2004 6th Taibei International Film Festival
28th Hong Kong International Film Festiva
27th AAIFF
Festival du Film Asiatique Sierre

2003 <Night Scene > (Ye Jing), 73 min.
9th Pusan International Film Festival

2004 <The Narrow Path > (Wu Yu), 73 min.
23th Vancouver International Film Festival

2004 <Shitou and That Nana>, 92min.

2004 <WC Huhuhahei>,80min

2004 <Star Appeal > (Xingxing Xiang Xi Xi), 90 min.

DV Works / Script Writer
2003 <Pirated Copy >(Man Yan), 86 min.
33th International Film Festival, Rotterdam

1999 < Man and Woman > (Nan Nan Nu Nu), 90 min.

1992 < Getting Faster > (Huoche Huoche Ni Kuaikai), 90 min,

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