::Li Zhenhua Works 李振华 作品

Title: Dunkerque Beach, France

图片 photography:134cm X 100cm X 2
霓虹灯 Neon Light:230cm X 110cm X 1

2006 @Long march Space, 798 Beijing

all matter attracts all other matter with a force proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.
By Isaac Newton [1642-1727]


Title: GHOST2
作品名称:《灵 2号》

Li Zhenhua & Wu Min Work
李振华 吴敏 合作作品

图片/photography:120cm X 240cm X 4
兔子 rabbit

2005 @ Guangzhou Triennial



电视 TV monitor
音箱 speakers
摄像头 videocam
唱佛机 Buddha machine
收音机 radio
冰箱 fridge
电扇 fan

The work based on 2 plots, one is the historical imagination of those home machines in 70 & 80s, those machine as a wealthy point become the even main future imagined life style right after the spiritual of 4 modernity.
Another plot is based on the talks and sound of a description of my work been involved since 1996 in art world, the dialogue is between me and Qiu Zhijie, which is about the recent past from 1996-2004.
For those 2 lines are not cross over, but at the point of memory it's 2 strong point and linked together, wishes and willing have changed from material and spirit.
Also the interaction is done by participants, when the fridge opens they have the sound and video and the reflection from the mirrors, the ghost of life and ghost of machine itself.

2005 @Easr End Space, Beijing www.caep.com.cn


木柱子 wood and metal pillar 4.5m X 1m
人造毛 black artificial fur

According the live rule with the group exhibition INCEST, I decided to use Wang Wei's <big pillar> to break the exhibition space to connect with outer space and continue with the idea from Wang Wei, the pillar of desire with black fur.

2005 @Easr End Space, Beijing www.caep.com.cn





















































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