Ou Ning

is a poet, a music and film critic, as well as a graphic and video artist. He was born in 1969 and graduated from Shenzhen University. Now lives and works in Guangzhou.

- born in Guangdong, China.

- began writing poems and publishing underground poetry zines.

- graduated from Shenzhen University.

-set up the alternative music organization, New Masses, organized John Zorn and Yamatsuka Eye's tour concerts in China and promoted for the Chinese rock and alternative musicians.

-set up the workshop, Sonic China, began to handle different creative projects for magazines and publishing houses.

-participated in the exhibition, Signes De Chine: Quverture economique et creation graphique, Ville d'Echinrolles, France.

-founded the New Style Bookshop, Cafe & Gallery to promote local and international art.
-launched the Filmakers, a magazine on independent film.

-launched the New Sound of Beijing, an experimental publication with underground music as subject.
-ran the one-man creative show, Talk Without Speaking, in Libreria Borges, Guangzhou.
-founded the film organization, u-th¨¨que, in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, to serve the purpose of screening, holding talks and exchanging ideas on art films.

-participated in the 19th International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno2000.
-designed the book of the artist Zhou Tiehai, published by Hara Museum of Contemporary Art (Tokyo) and Shanghart( Shanghai).
-designed the book of the artist Fang Lijun, published by Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House.
-began editing and designing the Alternative Issues for Modern Weekly.

-designed for the Chinese Rock' N 'Roll guru Cui Jian and participated his concert in Paris.
-participated in the exhibition, Mirror Images of the Public: The Avantgarde Poster from China, Hochschule der Kunste Berlin.
-participated in the exhibition, Living in Time:29 Contempoary Artists from China, Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof Museum fur Gegenwart-Berlin, and designed for the exhibition. The image of the catalogue cover was reproduced as the cover of Das Leben ist jetzt:Neue Erz?hlungen aus China,. Suhrkamp Verlag. Frankfurt, 2003

-designed Hou Hanru's book, On The Mid-Ground, published by Timezone 8.
-participated in the Gwangju Biennale with the book project Blindness.
-participated in the exhibition, Professional & Amateur, Chengdu, and designed for the exhibition.
-begin writing the book, 100 Years of Chinese Graphic Design, which will be published by Timezone 8(English version) and Hebei Education Publishing House(Chinese version).
-participated in the reciting event, Voice of Poets, Guangzhou, and designed for the event.

- participated in Z.O.U., the 50th Venice Biennale with video and book project San Yuan Li. The same video will also be screened at MK2(Biblioth¨¨que), Paris (October, Curator:Caroline Bourgeois); Public & Individual: New Visual Art from China, Kampnagel Theatre, Hamburg(October, Curator: Wu Wenguang); Fond Regional d¡¯Art Contemporain(FRAC), Aquitaine, France(November, Curator: Caroline Bourgeois); 10th Biennial of the Moving Image, Centre pour I¡¯image Contemporaine, Gen¨¨va (November, Curator: Clare Manchester); Fabricated Paradises :Artists from China, Le Parvis, Ibos, Vid¨¦okiosque, Pau, France(November, Curator: Hou Hanru)
-curated the exhibition, Moving Images of Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou


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