Qiu Zhijie

1969 Born in Fujian Province. P.R.CHINA.ŠĪ
1992 Graduated from The National Academy Of Fine Art. Printmaking department, Now live in Beijing as a full time artist.

Solo Show:ŠĪ
1992 Concern To The New Life, Museum Of National Academy of fine Arts. Hangzhou.
1997 Logic: 5 Video-installation Gallery of central Academy of fine Arts. Beijing 1999 Calendar 1998, Gallery of central Academy of fine arts. Beijing.
1999 Innate Forces-mixed media works by Qiu Zhijie. Art Beatus Gallery,Vancouver.
2000 Daily Touch. Orient Foundation, Macau
2000 Koshigaya Artist in Residence. Gallery Gen, Koshigaya Japan.
2001 Qiu Zhi Jie Exhibition. Gallery Gen, Koshigaya Japan.
2001 Invisibility: Qiu Zhijie. 1 Ethan Cohen Fine Arts.New York.

Group Show:
1992 The Second Documents Exhibition of Chinese Contemporanry Art Guangzhou fine art academy
1993 New Art In China, Post-1989, City Hall,Hongkong 1994 The Third Documents Exhibition of Chinese Contemporanry Art East-china Nomal University,Shanghai. 1995 From the central Kingdom, Chinese Avant-guard Artirts, Santa Monica Art Center, Bacelona.ŠĪ
1995 Out of The National Ideaology:Avantguard Art of China, Kanpnagel,Hamburg 1996 In The Name of Art, Liuhaisu Museum,Shanghai.ŠĪ
1996 Phenomenon/Image: Video Art In China, Gallery Of National Academy Of Fine Art.HangZhou
1997 Drife, Fujian Art Academg, Fuzhou.ŠĪ
1997 Faces And Bodies of The Middle Kingdom, Gallerg Rudolfinum,Prag.ŠĪ
1997 Demonstration of Video Art '97 China, Gallery of centre Academy of Fine Art,Beijing.ŠĪ
1997 New Image:Conceptual Photography, Visual Art Center,Beijing.ŠĪ
1997New Photography Artist of China, Neuer Berliner Kunstrerein,Berlin.
1998 Trade of Being, Present Art Center, Beijing.ŠĪ
1998 Transmediale-98,11th Video Festival Podewil,Berlin.ŠĪ
1998 Esperanto '98, Jack Tilton Gallery,New York.ŠĪ
1998 Asia-Pacific contemporary art Exhibition, Fuzhou Art Academy, Fuzhou.ŠĪ 1998 Per video:Video From Artist International, Ludwig Museum.Koln.ŠĪ
1998 Photography As Concept:4 International Foto Trienal, Stadtmuseum,Esslingen. Germany.ŠĪ
1998 Inside Out:New Chinese Art, P.S.I Museum, New York. San Francisco Museum of modern art. Museum of contemporary art,Monterrey, Mexico.
1998 Life, WanFung Art Gallery. Beijing.
1998 Videonale 8, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn.
1998 Muumedia Festival 98' Kiasma Museum of contemporary art,Helsinki.
1998 0431-Video and computerr art. changchun.
1998 Is me! A profile of chinese contemporary art in the 90s. Forbidden city TaiMiao,Beijing.
1999 Post-sense sensibility: Alien bodies and Delusion, Beijing
1999 Unveiled Reality: Contemporary photography. Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.
1999 Center of Academy Resorces, Chulalongleom University, Bankok.
1999 Transience: chinese experimental art at the end of twentieth century. The David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art ,the university of Chicago,chicago. University of Oregom Museum of art, Eugene, Oregon. Hood Museum of art, Dartmouth college, New Hampshire.ŠĶ
1999 Fast>>Forward:new chinese video art. center of contemporary art, Macau. 1999 14th asian international art exhibition, Fukuoka asian art museum, Japan. 1999 99'Chinese-Japanese contemporary art exchange, Fuzhou art academy, Fuzhou.
1999 Power of the word, Taiwan museum of art, Taizhong.
1999 Chinese-Hongkong video Festival, Museum of Site, Hongkong.
1999 Beijing in London, Institute of Contemporary art, London.
1999 Contemporary Chinese architecture art Exhibition, National museum of art, Beijing.
1999 Food for Thought: An insight in chinese contemporary Art. Canvas world art/Canvas Foundation, Amsterdam
1999 chinese contemporary Art. Loft gallery ,Paris.
1999 chinese contemporary Photography and Video.
1999 International Arts Festival-Tachikawa99 , Jappan
2000 Life style of the fucture, Xie Yang Island,GuangXi,China.
2000 Chinese Scene:Conceptual Photography, Seasons Gallery,Beijing.
2000 Medial and internet Art of China, Jilin Art Academy,ChangChun.
2000 Sapporo Artist in Residence, CAI. Sapporo, Japan.
2000 Family?: Contemporary Art project, International furniture Center, Shanghai. 2000 Touch-Mutilmedia/Performance Arts Guangzhou Chinese Performance J.G.M. Gallery,Paris
2000 Echo Point. Hanart T.Z. Gallery, Hongkong
2000 Inside Out: New Chinese Art, Hongkong Arts Museum,Hongkong
2000 Asia-Pacific New medial Art Festival, Australia
2000 Unusual & Usual. Yuangong Modern Art Museum.Shanghai
2000 Power of the Word Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell College, Iowa, U.S.A.
2001 Translated Acts. Haus Der Kulturen der Welt. Berlin. Queens Museum. New Yorks
2001 Digital Arts Festival Loft New Medium art Center. Beijing
2001 Virtual Future Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou.
2001 Hot Pot Kunstnernes hus, Oslo, Norway.
2001 Extreme Asia Paris.
2001 Mantic Ecstasy Hangzhou, Shanghai.Beijing.
2001 Post-sense sensibility: Spree Beijing Film Academy, Beijing
2001 Power Of Time Orient Foundation, Macau


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