Sheng Qi

1965 Born in Anhui Province
1988 Graduated from the Central Academy of Art and Design, Beijing
1989-1992 Lived and worked in Italy
1998 Graduated with an MFA from Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design, London, U.K.
1999 Living and working as a professional artist in Beijing

Solo Exhibitions
1997 Fortune Cookies, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, U.K.
1999 Are You Willing to Shake My Hand? Tokyo, Japan Nine Pigeons + Nurse + Sheng Qi, Beijing, China Handicapped Man, Beijing
2000 Video Installation, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Mass Gallery, Australia

Group Exhibitions
1988 Concept 21 - Taiji, The Great Wall, Beijing
1989 China Avant-Garde, National Art Gallery of China (NAGC), Beijing
1993 China Avant-Garde, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, U.K.
1998 Inside Out: New Chinese Art, P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, USA
1999 Departure from China, Beijing Design Museum, Beijing The 4th NIPAF Asian Performance Art Series & NIPAF Contemporary Art Seminar, Nagoya, Tokyo, Nagano, Japan The 8th Mexican International Performance Exhibition, Mexico City, Mexico
2000 Post-Material, Red Gate Gallery, The Watchtower, Beijing
2001 Clues to the Future: Red Gate Gallery's 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

Reviews and Publications
1999 Zhang Nianchao, China New Art, 36 - 41. Back-Forth and Right-Left (Catalogue) "World AIDS Day in Beijing," Beijing Scene, December 10 -16, 12.
2000 Jones, Gary, "Giving Art the Finger: Beijing's Avant-garde Extremists," Sunday Morning Post (Magazine), 6 - 9. Newsweek, July- September, pp. 86- 88 The Australian Magazine, April, pp. 27 - 29


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