sick doctor

leader huzi

Hu Zi Born in 1972
Study Dance in 1978
Join the army in 1985 as a dancer in army dance troup.
1997 work with NO, The Fly band as main guitar player
1997 Established the first rock band The Sick Doctor and released the first album "Make Up the Night"
1999 Established FM3 with Christiaan and Zhangjian as guitar player and vocal.
2000 Dj work on dark techno and play with the first model group the New Silk Road.
2001 Prepare the second cd for the Sick Doctor, and play in several clubs as a live computer DJ

Music Concept: My music is just like my life when it turn simple and happy,they are sad and funny, but music can take into my- self's world, does not touchanything of the real world. I do not thinkwhat will happen to me or my music, I can not depend on my expierence of the past, attitude and talent make me think maybe I am the Best.

Music Style: I think I changed my music from melody to samplings with funny and dark enviroment, I want use my music to create a picture of the flash moment of my life.


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