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Wild Children
---New World music (China)

Vocals, Guitar: Zhang Quan
Vocals, Guitar: Xiao Suo
Percussion, Vocal: Chen Zhipeng
Bass, Vocal: Li Zhengkai
Accordian, Vocal: Zhangwei
Sound Engineer: Yang Tao

Li Zhenhua

Main works include:

Subway, Dream Talk, Yellow River Lullaby, Guest house of the Sunrise

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Main Concerts:
ICA, London, UK 1999
French School, Beijing, China 2000

The band came together in 1995 in Lanzhou, Gansu province, through a common interest in the music of the Northwest. They travelled along the Yellow River to Inner Mongolia to research and compose, starting regular performances in 1997 as a three person band. In 1999 they began to work closely with Mustard Seed Garden Productions, which gave them the opportunity to work with a larger group of musicians and to perform with the additions of Irish Fiddle, acoustic base and melodeon. Wild Children produce strong folk melodies backed with driving hand drum rhythms, solos, as well as two and three part harmonies, produce strong melancholy/warm vocal. Their more than thirty works reflect a close connection with their native place. The music recalls the wind in the Northwest, the places these musicians have lived and worked, a longing for home and the experience of leaving it. Each year the band travels to the annual Festival of Song, held along the Yellow River, where the different regional singers of the call and response tradition meet to sing together and soak up the music.


Li Zhenhua
Mustard Seed Garden Productions


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