1991 Graduated from Central Academy Of Drama, Stage Art Department, Beijing, China
Teach at Central Academy Of Drama

2001 "Sound2", MSG, Beijing
2001 "MSG Opening Exhibition", MSG, Beijing
2001 "Post-sensibility: Party", mix media perform "I am in your heart, you are in my lung", Beijing.
"New Start Of Contemporary Chinese Art", mix media perform "I can feel a lot of people", Beijing.
2000 "Sound" Beijing, China "Masking" Belgium and UK "Family" Shanghai, China
1999 "Desire Under Elm Tree" Stage Design, Zhengzhou, China
"Evolution Jazz" Stage design, Beijing International Jazz Festival, Beijing, China
"Ba-Si-Ba" Stage Design, Taiyuan, China
"West Side Of Room Dialog" Stage design, Beijing, China
1998 "Midnight Summer Dream" Stage Design, Beijing, China
"Counter-Perspectives: Environment and Us" Beijing, China
1995 "Tower Top" Play Director, Beijing, China
"PQ95: International Stage Design Exposition" Czekoslovakia
1994 "10 Series Sadness" Beijing, China
1993 "Painting Exhibition" Gallery Of Central Academy Of Fine Art, Beijing, China
"Elder Son" Stage Design, Beijing, China
"Salutation To Piccasso" By post, Beijing, China
1992 "Want To Be Normal" Stage Design, Beijing, China

post sense and sensebility "you are in my heart, I am in your lung" performance, installation photo document

sound, installation, video photo document

sound2 "kill me rather than hear your voice" performance, installation photo document

new start point "here's hot with people" performance, installation




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