Zhang Jian

1970 born in Chengdu, Si Chuan Province
1983 Studied at the Music Academy Of Si Chuan High School, Piano department
1995 Came to Beijing, worked with Zhang Chu, Zi Yue, Wild Children, Bu Yi Ding, FM3 etc.

1995 Zhang Chu¡¯s 2nd album ¡°The Aero plane Factory¡±
1998 Xu Wei¡¯s 1st Album ¡° That Year¡±
1999 Zi Yue¡¯s Trip to Canada
2001 FM3+Douwei in Hong Kong Art Festival
2001 Wang Yong¡¯s Concert in Berlin, Germany
2002 Mearz Musik, Germany
2004 Out The Window, Group Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan


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