Zhao Liang

1971 Born in Dandong, Liaoning Province, P.R. China
1992 Bachelor¡¯s degree from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in Shenyang
199£³ Staying in Beijing

Exhibition & Festival
1997 "China Contemporary Artistic Photographic Exhibition" held by NBK, Germany (photographs "Subway Series")
1997 "China Contemporary Video Art exhibition" in Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing (video)
1998 "Live" in Wan Fung Gallery, Beijing (video "How Long You Can Tolerate It")
1998 "Corruptionist", Beijing (video installation "Witness")
1998 "16th World Wide Video Festival", Amsterdam (video)
1999 "Polyphenolrene", Beijing (photographs & video installation)
1999 Short-term working in CICV, France (post production of video "Good Morning Beijing")
1999 "Video Formes 99", France (video)
1999 "Up and Coming", Hanover, Germany (video)
1999 "Love", Tokyo/New York (video installation)
2000 "Microwave Festival 2000", Hong Kong (video)
2000 "Transmediale 2000", Estonia (video)
2000 "City Zoom" in Hanover, Germany (video "Jerks, Don't Say Fuck"; production of video "Hanover Drunk")
2000 "Lights are on but nobody is home", Shanghai (video "Bored Youth")
2001 "8th New York Underground Film Festival", New York (video)
2001 "The Next Generation", Paris, France (Video)
2001 "Up-Ricing", Hong Kong (video)
2001 "ARS 01 exhibition", Helsinki, Finland (video installation)
2001 13th International Video Brasil, Sao Paolo, Brazil (video )
2002 "Make China", New York, U.S. (photographs)
2002 48 International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany (video )
2002 "China Contemporary Art Exhibition - Red Continent", Gwangju, Korea (video installation)
2001 "fictions du reel", Marseille International Documentary Festival, Marseille, France
2001 "International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)", the Netherlands
2002 Input 2002, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2002 IV International Independent Film Festival Buenos Aires, Argentina
2002 Filmmaker Film Festival Italy Milano
2002 TIDF taiwan £¨merit Prize£©
2003 best input san fransisco
2003 How Latitudes Become forms walker art center minneapolis

1996 Comrade Ah Q (27 minutes)
1996 C 2000 Sob Without Tears (in the process of post-production)
1997 C 2000 Ms. Xiao Rui (in the process of post-production)
1998 C 2001 Paper Air Plane (77 minutes)


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