Chang Qing's Film "Lao Tian" will show inside the
Loft New Media Art Space at 3:00P.M Oct 7th, 2001

Brief Of Film

Lao Tian is a sanitation worker in an art school. He is 49 years old but has not married. He works very hard. Every day he sweeps big yard once, sometime twice. Lao Tian has worked in this school for many years. He has once been the security guard of the school, now there are the professional security guards in the school, so he can only be a sanitation worker, but he still likes to wear the police uniform. If there is an important activity, for example a meeting about recruiting students, he will help to keep the order. Because his image is not suitable for the situation, so the leader does not permit him to participate in it. That makes him very disappointed.

Loa Tian has an old radio cassete and a TV set which often without picture, when he is happy,he plays the Jin Opera with the music from his radio cassete or dances disco which is created by himself.

Lao Tian is a temporary worker, he has not the fixed apartment. The school keeps to built new houses, the old ones keep to be deemolished, and Lao Tian keeps to move from one home to another. During this year I shoot the film here, he has moved 3 times and changed 4 places. Every time he moves, he always hangs the image of Chairman Mao on the wall. The smile of Chairman Mao warms his small room.

Lao Tian comes from the village of Tai Hang mountain. When he was young, he had the experiences of love, but no one succeed. Now, although he has girlfriend, but their relationship does not last for long time. At the end part, the film talks about a woman from Si Chuan province, her name is Xiao Gong. Lao Tian want to marry her, but she thinks his salary is not enough to support a family. Finally, she leaves.

Lao Tian has left the village for a long time, but till now he still does not belong to this city. Talking about the past, Lao Tian feels disppointed, talking about the future, he tells Xiao Gong, I am old to do the work, my life won't change anymore.

Because of the techniques and the equipments, there are many short comings in this film. During the course of making this film, lots of friends helped me, especialy Mr. Jia Zhangke and Mr. Song Yongping. Here I show my sincere thanks!

DV group action-1

feng lei's work "falling snow in yili" + "island"
curator: Zhang Yaxuan
date: Jan 26th, 2002
address: the loft new media art space

about falling snow in yili
baheila(girl's name) live with her family in xinjiang,their tradition is move with their house,they have no eletricity at all, that's make her life very simple, her life just life the snow flakes come to the earth and dispeared somewhere

feng lei's work "falling snow in yili" + "island"

about island
this film is show the 2 old man live in different place, one near the sea one in the mainland, this film is try to tell the different serface and the familier expierence. we live in an island in heart but the big blue sea surround.
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  DV Film Festival

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