illuminate Great Wall

...Out Door Party...
Jin Shanlin Great wall & Sky Up co-production MSG presents
time: August 3rd, 2002 [Saturday 4P.M-Sunday 4P.M] Stage: Jin Shanling Great Wall [map in chinese] jin shanling hotel hotline: 0314-8838971 [120 beds/ from 120yuan-160yuan with party tickets]Ticket: 200yuan [july 15th-August 1st] 300yuan [August 1st-August 3rd] booking tickets: 13011886112 8008103721 65287673/74/75 65287723/50/59/91 bus schedule: departure: August 3rd 2P.M 4P.M 6P.M return: August 4th 2P.M 4P.M 6P.M departure & return::Gong ti North Gate organizers: [MSG]+[Vogue 88-99]+[010]+[Magic Garden]+[Sky Up]
Media Promoter: Zhong Sheng Media Support: [That's Beijing]+[City Weekend]+[REmag]+[]
Special Thanks: Zhong Sheng\Zhang Youdai\Weng Weng\ Lindsay\Ni Bing contact: 64011251/ 13011886112/ /

Douwei & Bu yi ding
Zi Yue
Super Market& Long Kuan
Mr. Zhou
Zhang Qianqian
Then And

chill out & Ambient

Huang Weiwei
Sick Doctor

Lotus production
beijing & hongkong

Cheese group
from Swiss

Dj Ben [shanghai]

Dj Boris [Berlin] Popey
art & film
  Zhao Liang Wu ershan 8gg

by Lindsay

Face it, if you don't go to the Great Wall party on July 6th you're not cool. I'm telling you this now for your own good. After July 6th it'll be too late. You'll have missed the boat (or more precisely the bus - visit for bus schedules) and everyone will laugh at you and you will probably have to leave the country. Don't risk it. There are cases where articles quite similar to this one make it sound like there are in-crowds/out-crowds and secret underground lairs full of decadent, forbidden pleasures out there being enjoyed by the city's elite when in actuality there is simply a bored and insignificant editorial team pumping out articles trying to make it seem like they know something the rest of us don't know. This is not one of those cases. The illuminate Great Wall party is actually a 100% bona fide test of coolness.

#1 cool example, Lotus productions and the Cheese group are involved. If at the mention of those names you find yourself saying ?Who? What it may be too late for you, you're probably not cool. But there's still hope. Tickets are still available. There will be live bands, ambient, dance as well as art, film, enough electronic equipment to illuminate the Jin Shanling section of the Great Wall (hence the name) and even a German dj with fancy eyewear, always the ultimate test of a party's coolness. Naming names at random to test your coolness I will offer Douwei & Bu yi ding, Zi Yue, Mr. Zhou, Gao hu, Fm3, Sick Doctor, Clear, Zhao Liang, 8gg leaving the rest of the participants unnamed (cause mysteries are always cool). All enterprising individuals can again go to the aforementioned website for further names and more information. And as usual, for the sake of cool, Supermarket will be risking not only the dangers of electronic equipment but also the dangers of phosphorescence. If these boys are willing to endanger their own bodies with illumination, the least you can do is show up and dance. It's a 24 hour party. It's on the Great Wall. Like you even needed me to tell you it's cool. So if you don't make it and you don't have a good excuse I'm going to personally track you down and then ignore you or do whatever it is cool people do when confronted with people who aren't cool.

live pictures


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