Exhibition Rules

1. This Exhibition joined by 6 artists work in a same space. Everyone work one week inside the space, one after another, every Saturday is open for the public.
2. Exhibition material will choose by 6 artists, 1st artist must use material have been choused by other, but could add different material. The follow artist have to use last artist's work as a base, allow to change shapes or instruction, allow to rebuild with other material, but can not take anything out of the space.
3. Hide camera will set up inside the space for documentary, will release on internet by the same day.
4. The program set up by Lucky Draw, artists are not allowed to make change of this program when it's set up include Health, travel etc. Artists can use someone to represents for their attendance.
5. This is a group show in a same space but different time, relation and transition between artists and art works are the aim of this exhibition, it's not a series of solo exhibitions.
6. For any change or the opening of each changes between artists will give reports though web sites.
This rules proved by artists and curator!


Wang Wei (Sep 1st-8th, 2001)

Qiu Zhijie (Sep 9th-15th, 2001)
Liu Wei Sep (16th-22nd, 2001)
Zhang Hui & Shi Qing (Sep 23rd- Oct 1st, 2001)
Shi Qing & Zhang Hui (Oct 2nd-6th, 2001)
Wu Ershan & Zhao Liang (Oct 7th-13th, 2001)

Daily Report

Oct 8th, 2001
US come with their best armed people fight for justice, justice is belong to the US.
God bless American.
Oct 6th, 2001
Bike as a patient been distroyed into parts, artists just light a fire in the space. Idealy all the lamb will BBQ well.
Oct 1st, 2001
Moon Festival! Art party is not that important than this days people have to see friends or family!
Sep 30th, 2001
Baby, honey hang up with strings, rocks, paper, matel string cross the room.
Sep 26th, 2001
Lais and Wild Children's open air concecrt inside the MSG, 500 people attend the concert while visite the show room.
Sep 22nd, 2001
Someone said this installation make them feel like monkey!
In Beijing the weather is changed cold and windy.
  Sep 21st, 2001
Today the sound of tube, wood and singing from all the workers inside the space make me feel a bit headache.
Sep 20th, 2001
500 steel tube and 8 workers work in the space, will it be something really change the space.
Sep 19th, 2001
Liu Wei came tonight with nobody working, but he said everything is set up.
  Sep 18th, 2001
Liu Wei set up his material stuffing the Space.

Sep 17th, 2001
Song Yongping's Exhibition in BUSH.

Sep 16th, 2001
Dong Zhimen Tower is gong after the World Trade Centre, people still have the image of what happened not long ago.

Sep 15th, 2001
Qiu Zhijie in the Middle of is installation while the knife are swirling, twinkle flash come out from the gate, every body in danger.
He moved a model of the World Trade Centre out of a pile of flour next to the knife bed while knife stick in the bed.

Sep 14th, 2001
Qiu Zhijie prepare his installation's electrronic work.
Sep 13th, 2001
Spider is ready for the net with steel string hang up and cut the room into 2 parts.
Sep 12th, 2001
What we are going to do with space?
Sep 11th, 2001
Shocked, Cried, Lost
How can we discript about today? The world of terror.
What's wrong with people?
Sep 8th, 2001
Wang Wei & Zhao Tingting the 2 wonderful performers.
Sep 7th, 2001
What we going to do with the Horse?
Sep 6th, 2001
When you are the first one start the exhibition with materials you have not prepared by others, do you think you are ready for it?




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