project file for LILLE [to leilei]

design material: ice / cloth / projection / glass
the carridor leading people get through a ice path till the stage
music performance will be on the squared stage
projectors toward the door and oppasite as well to give projection a facing meaning
music zhang jian、jiajia、song tao

six people from China Sing / Dance, they are all homosexuals and all perform as woman from 30's old songs to strip dance
djs dj bendj mickey zhang
new media arts 8gg、wu ershan

music file

new world music from china:
wild children [6 people] <1> <2>、askar [9 people] <1> <2>、paul [live concert in spain]、yang jing & pierre <1> <2>

china eletro:
feng jiangzhou [1 person] <1>、fm3 [2 people] <1>

rock in china:
second hand roses [5 people] <1> <2>、zi yue [5 people] <1> <2>

punk rock:
brain failure [4 people] advertising for Levis

thunder cloude project in Berlin [video+music]great wall 2002 [filmed by German TV]news dance by 8gg、danam by Zhang dan & chen man


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