Li Zhenhua

Born in 1975 in Beijing, live in Beijing.


2004 Out The Window-Space of Distraction, art exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2003 SHORTI short film festival, Jury Group, Barcelona, Spain
2003 Illuminate The Great Wall Summer Festival, Hebei
2003 Ceremony, Wang Jianwei's multi-media theatre project, Beijing-France-London
2003 CAPALBIO short film festival, film selector, Italy
2003 The FINKS multi-media theatre by lenni basso, Japan-Beijing-Guangzhou
2002 The MIDI music festival, Beijing, China
2002 The Long March Project, China
2002 MAAP, Beijing-Australia
2002 Illuminate The Great Wall Summer Festival, Hebei
2002 Establish White Cube Space, Beijing
2002 Not Documentary Experimental Film festival, Beijing-Kunming
2002 The Thundercloud Project, "Maerzmusik festival", Berlin
2001 Established
2001 "Nemesis Project", MSG, Beijing
2001 "Sound2", MSG, Beijing
2001 Establish MSG art space, Beijing
2000 "Sound", China contemporary art museum, Beijing
2002 The Heneiken Beat Summer Festival, Beijing
1999 Work and Study in ICA, London
1999 "Life Or Art", Beijing
1998 "Corruptionists", Beijing
1997 Organize the First China Rave Party on the Great Wall with CHEESE group.
1996 Established the Mustard Seed Garden Gallery in Beijing


Dec 2002 About MAAP project, Peoples University, Beijing
Nov 2003 China Breakz, Japan Foundation, Tokyo, Japan
Dec 2003 Chinese Art Scene, ZKM, Karlsuhe, Germany


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