Media Centre Project 1

@25000 CULTURAL TRANSMISSION CENTER, Beijing 86-10-64387107
Curator: Li Zhenhua/Installation: Li Zhenhua/June 21st-29th, 2003
Screening Schedule :6:00 P.M June 21st

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Gary Lee Dancer In the bright light
Zhang Jian Music and Acting with Cui Zien
Cui Zien' Solo Film Project


Feeding Boys,Ayaya

Night Scene

Keep Cool and Don't Blush

Enter the Clowns (Choujue Deng Chang)

The Old Testament JIU YUE(The Old Testament)

Scriptwriter/Director: Cui Zi En
Producer: Zhen Li /Liu Shu Jing
Cinematography/ Sound: Yuan De Qiang
Editor: Hu Hai Xin /Song Hui
Translation: Zhen Li /Paul Crook Still /Luo Dong
Leading Cast:
Yu Bo--as Xiao Bo
Zhang Jian--as Da Jian
Wei Jian Gang--as Xiao Gang
Luo Dong--as Dongdong
Yang Qing--as Qing Jie
Meng Hao--as Xiao Hao
Yu Xiao Yu--as Da Yu
Naren Qimuge--as Nana Guo
Ya Qi--as Xiao Ya
Yu Bo--as Xiao Bo
Ma Ran--as Ge Ge
Zhao Zheng Yang--as Zheng Yang
Du Hua Nan--as Xiao Cui
Produced by CUIZI DV Studio
PAL Digita BETACAM 2002 74min 3minute extract Color
English subtitles: Kay

Song of Solomon 2001
Xiao Bo lived in his friend Da Jian's home. Without consulting with Da Jian, he bought Xiao Gang back home, with whom he had a night affair, in order to take care of Xiao Gang who was HIV positive. At the beginning, Da Jian did not know anything about it. He just wanted to let Xiao Gang away from them. After he got to know that Xiao Gang was HIV positive, he decided to give the house to Xiao Bo and he himself move away. When Xiao Gang was seriousely ill, Xiao Bo could not afford the expensive medicine fee, so he decided to sell the house. But nobody wanted to buy. On the contrary, some rich women would like to buy his body. In order to cure the disease on Xiao Gang, Xiao Bo was on the way to sell his body.

Proverb 1991
Xiao Hao bitterly loves Da Yu for many years but could not get any result. When he developed the lover's relationship with Xiao Ya, Da Yu who had married came to him and told that he divorced from his wife Na Na. Xiao Hao immediately kicked Xiao Ya away and start to live with Da Yu. Later, Xiao Hao found that Da Yu had not divorced from Na Na. He then arrested Da Yu at home and cheated Na Na to come over to sign a divorce contract. Later Da Yu hold a wedding ceremony with Xiao Hao. What they did directly result in the expulsion to Xiao Hao by his working unit. After Xiao Hao lost his job, Da Yu bought him to Na Na and three of them started to live together.

Psalter 1981
Right at the moment that Xiao Bo received Zheng Yang, his gay lover, at home, his sister-in-law Qing found their secret. Xiao Bo's elder brother and his sister-in-law raised him up. Now they use their patriarch power to force Xiao Bo departing from Zheng Yang, and to marry Xiao Cui who had been secretly in love with him for a long time. When Xiao Bo refused, both his elder brother and sister-in-law swashed him by claiming to commit suicide. After Xiao Bo married, they had a son. Later Xiao Bo died of disease.

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