Media Centre Project 1

@25000 CULTURAL TRANSMISSION CENTER, Beijing 86-10-64387107
Curator: Li Zhenhua/Installation: Li Zhenhua/June 21st-29th, 2003
Screening Schedule :6:00 P.M June 21st

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Gary Lee Dancer In the bright light
Zhang Jian Music and Acting with Cui Zien
Cui Zien' Solo Film Project


Feeding Boys,Ayaya

Night Scene

Keep Cool and Don't Blush
Attended the competition of The 27th Hong Kong International Film festival

Leading Cast:
Ma Ke as Hong Zhong
Liu Ran as Er Bing
Cao Ang as Si Sheng Zi
Yang Wen Qing ©} Xia Cen asHua Baner
Ma Bo as Di Lei
Jian Wen ©} Wei Xing as Caohua3
Dong Xiao Zheng as Ju Ma Pao
Gao Yang as Bai Zi
Zhao Hong Wei as Yao Ji
Yi Nan as Bian Bian Bian
Yang Na ©} Yin Lu as Huang Yan Nv Shen
Cinematography/Sound: Yang Fan Zhang Yong Qian Ji Yong Li Jian Wen Ma Ke Wei Xing Ge Ying Han
Editor: Gao Bojie/ Qi Jiang
Music: Paul & Su Fang/ Fm3
Producer: Liu Shu Jing
Executive Producer: Zhou Kun
Director/Script: Cui Zi En
2003 Colour,Video,70min

In the morning at the end of 20th century, or at noon in the beginning of 21st century, or at dusk of the end of 21st century, a man named Honzhong and a woman called Erbing shot their newly born bastard. Then, under the command of the highest commander---Goddess of Liars in the Garden of Liars, they interfused into the Club 3 Liars' University and usurped the position of Chancellor. They began to promulgate the education of Lying.Many years later, the accidentally saved bastard by the Goddess of Liars and the Faeries had grown up in the Garden of Liars. The Goddess brought him back to the human world to inspect the condition of Lying Education. At this time, randy Hongzhong had been separated with Erbing for long. And this time, the bastard compelled his parents and anybody who may stop him to lie, even the Goddess of Liars to death one after another by utilizing the excellent results of lying education in the world. In the end, he and Huaban who lied to and loved each other from the very beginning when they met are the only two who remain in the whole world. Buildings in the winter sunlight form many razzle-dazzles, they would collapse or restructure all the time. It contains countless of small razzle-dazzles: room in architectures, light beams, prop, characters, actor's lines, or acoustics system, the conflicting gut space- time, and until the spiritual theme of DV films.

The 27th Hong Kong International Film festival comment:
On China's indie scene, Cui Zi'en is a Voltaire in a land of Zolas. While 6th Generation filmmakers line up to aim their DV cams at urban mi¨¨srable and existential grunge, Cui sets his incisive, yet perversely hermetic political fable in theatrical environs. A couple stages a coup to take over the University of Lies fortified by an arsenal of lies. Years later, the two become sworn enemies in a war of falsehoods. But the day is near, when all counterfeits will be exposed and all debts collected... Like his previous films that blazed a trail in Queer Chinese Cinema, his latest moral and gender equivocator is a wanton tease of a film.

Enter the Clowns (Choujue Deng Chang)

The Old Testament JIU YUE(The Old Testament)

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