Media Centre Project 1

@25000 CULTURAL TRANSMISSION CENTER, Beijing 86-10-64387107
Curator: Li Zhenhua/Installation: Li Zhenhua/June 21st-29th, 2003
Screening Schedule :6:00 P.M June 21st

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Night Scene

Director/Script: Cui Zi En
Cinematography/Sound: Zhang Hui Lin / Yuan De Qiang
Editor: Gao Bo Jie / Gi Jiang
Special Effects: Ren Yi / Wang Fei
Leading Cast:
Gao Yang/ Liang Hao Bin / Qiao Bin /Ge Ying Han / Sun Zhao Da / Liu Lang / Yu Xun Dong / Zi Jia
Guest Performer:
Zhen Li Wan/ Yan Hai /Li Yin He/ Zhang Bei Chuan /Guo Ya Qi /He Xu Yang/ Zhang Yi/ Liu Hui /Zheng Hong Xia
Producer: Liu Shu Jing/ Du Jia Yi
Executive Producer: Cui Zi En
China 2003 Colour,Video,103min PAL Digita BETACAM

This is totally an anti-routine film. It's not a standard drama, documentary, subject interview, nor subject review of anthropology. But it is also a drama, a documentary, a subject interview and a subject review of anthropology. It has abundant logged facts and enough invented facts. This film is about a subtle topic of whoredom at present in China, further more, it's about same sex whoredom. At present in China, whoredom is illegal, and homosexuality is regarded as immoral. In the film, the recorded and invented "gigolos" run the risk of imprisonmentto undertake the profession of bawdry, the new and illegal job. Some do it individually in the street, gays' bar, gays' park and Sauna bathroom, to find the buyers. Some go to the illegal Male prostitute houses and undertake organized and trained job. The government would carry out the activities of "clearing out the bawdry and illegal organizations" during the critical political moments and would put them into the prison. Some of them are "gigolos" or their managers. In this film, we shot some real gigolos and their managers in real life. They tell their real experiences and lives. There are also some roles were acted by themselves. A gigolo acted as a gigolo would emphasize its reality. Meanwhile, this film not only stickles to reality. We also shot some unknown young boys who are not gigolos, I asked them to say that they are gigolos and experience that. They never hold back and acted as gigolos pleasantly and showed their openness. Of course, we were also objected during the shot. Some real gigolos objected because they were afraid of that our film would be seen by the policemen and regarded as the evidence of committing crime, or with the spread of the film, they were afraid of being seen by their kin and friends knowing the "cheap" job they are doing. Some professional actors objected refused to act as gigolos also. Some didn't like to experience the lives of gigolos and worried that they would be "affected" by that kind of life and began to degenerate. And some worried that after the acting as gigolos, their perfect images among audiences would be destroyed and ruin their bright future. This is a new type of film, which breaks and restructures the style of drama, documentary, subject interview and hosted programmes. Yangyang was in college. He found that his father is a gay by accident. He began to trace his father and smacked his father's partner---Xiaoyong. But he didn't know that his father was running an underground male prostitutes' house and he could never imagine that he would fall in love with a boy at the first sight. And it would be even out of his imagination that the boy was a gigolo. Male prostitute Xiaobin who came from a small city of Shandong said that his experience of being a male prostitute would shadow all his life. He fell in love with another male prostitute who is very randy. He scared his arm with dog-end to make himself alert. Male prostitute Liuxia who came from the countryside of Shan'xi said that it would be happy and not when selling his body to the same sex. It was just a temporary need. He said that he would not do this for long. As Xiaobin, he had been looking for same sex lover. He liked to be oral first and passively accept the anus intercourse. Expert Liyinhe said "male sex serviceman are the same as the female ones". A bartender Xiaoqiao who came from Hebei said that he sold once and the guest asked him to do it orally, but he thought that his mouth should be left for his beloved. After that, he decided to quit. Male prostitute Xiaoxun said that they were the ruined generation. Expert Zhenli said, "The attitude toward the sex serviceman is one of the symbols of the social allowance and opening". Xiaohan began to be a male prostitute when needing cash as he was only 17. He also provided pay sex service to his schoolmates at college. Male prostitute Xiaohong said that he had been a male prostitute for two weeks and treated only two guests. Experts Zhangbeichuan said, "most male prostitutes are from countryside and they belonged to nil-income estate ". Male prostitute Small-wild-cat said that he was from a divorced family. College student Xiaoxing's girlfriend supported him to be a male prostitute to earn some money. The boss of the underground male prostitute-house encouraged the male prostitutes to work harder by saying "every profession produces its leading character". Dongdong said that he would never believe that such socialist thought of "every profession produces its leading character" could be used among the male prostitutes. Expert Wanyanhai said, "Male prostitute is a pretty dangerous job. Whether the society should suport it or not needs further discussion". Expert Liuhui said, "I conducted a HIV test for male prostitutes and found that all the cases are negative". Yangyang brought gay Haobin to the school where he studied. They had more and more intimate relationship with each other. But he found that he was a midnight cowboy and felt desperate. Then he began to be defiant of conventions and had sex with nod-acquaintances. Yangyang's father is hosting a performance, male prostitutes showed one after another. One of them was Haobin whom Yangyang loved deeply.

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