Media Centre Project 1

@25000 CULTURAL TRANSMISSION CENTER, Beijing 86-10-64387107
Curator: Li Zhenhua/Installation: Li Zhenhua/June 21st-29th, 2003
Screening Schedule :6:00 P.M June 21st

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Gary Lee Dancer In the bright light
Zhang Jian Music and Acting with Cui Zien
Cui Zien' Solo Film Project


Feeding Boys,Ayaya

Night Scene

Keep Cool and Don't Blush

Enter the Clowns (Choujue Deng Chang)


The whole class gathered in one classroom. Each of the students told a story. They were just all kinds of strange things.

Cast: Li Fan /Zang Peng Yi/ Wang Tao
Cinematography/Sound: Yuan Xun /Zhang Liang
Editor: Gao Bojie
Producer: Ding Jian Guo /Wei Xiao Jun /Liu Shu Jing
Director: Cui Zi En
42min PAL Color Mono English of Subtitles 2003
The Old Testament JIU YUE(The Old Testament)

Cui Zien Film Photos for Download 1.7mb zip file


+system, short videos from the world 2002-2003

supported by :: Biz-art, Shang Hai


other short film & videos
Dan FrobergŁ¨SWEDEN) & sun guojuan
geng jun
shen xiao min


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