The IV Moscow international festival ¡°Fashion and style in photography 2005¡±, organized every two years, was open on the 14th of March and will last till the end of April. This year the program of the festival will include about 80 exhibitions, among them the retrospective of Horst P. Horst, exhibition ¡°Rodtchenko and his circle. People of style¡± (Rodtchenko¡¯s circle: photographers, artists, poets and film directors of the 1920 ¨C 1930¡¯s), the project of Sarah Moon ¡°The red thread¡±, the exhibition ¡°Simulacres et faux-semblants¡± form the collection of FNAC (Paris), personal exhibition of Joel-Peter Witkin, the exhibition ¡°Pirelli calendar¡±, the project of Valeri Katsuba ¡°Models¡± and ¡°the Friends of mine¡±, the Exhibition of Elaine Constantine ¡°Tea dance¡±, the project of Vladimir Klavikho and Julia Botchkova ¡°Cherry orchard¡± and many others.

A special feature of the festival is the presentation of the best photos of the contemporary Russian photographers made in 2003-2005 for the glossy magazines: L¡¯Officiel, Harper¡¯s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle and others. In this section will present the new works of Vladimir Fridkes, Egor Zaika, Mikhail Korolev, Vladimir Mishukov, Vlad Loktev, Vladimir Klavikho, Vladimir Glynin and others.

The main theme of the festival ¡°Fashion and Style in photography 2005¡± ¨C ¡°Cinema as style¡±. It offers the exhibitions of Edward Steichen ¡°Hollywood Celebrity: Edward Steichen¡¯s Vanity Fair portraits¡±, organized by the International Museum of cinema and photography George Eastman House, the retrospective of Raymond Voinquel, the retrospective of Willy Rizzo, personal exhibition of Alain Fleischer, the exhibition ¡°James Bond: ¡°Doctor No¡± and ¡°Die another day¡± which includes photos from the shooting of ¡°Doctor No¡± and ¡°Die another day¡±. Besides, the festival will present the retrospective of Marc Riboud.

In the framework of the festival will take place the workshops of Marc Riboud, Sarah Moon, Alain Fleischer, Willy Rizzo, Joel-Peter Witkin and others.

The traditional ceremony of the ¡°Silver crown¡± awards will take place in April.

The exhibitions are presented in the most prestigious venues of Moscow, such as New Manege, Moscow House of Photography, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Gallery of Arts Zourab Tsereteli, Gallery ¡°Na Solyanke¡±, trade center GUM.

live photos by Li Zhenhua




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