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date£ºNov 9th, 10P.M-4A.M
perform stage£ºLOFT Space [above the Loft] 65017501 ticket: 100rmb[at door] 80rmb[advance]
DJ£ºThomas Fehlmann¡¢Daniel Meteo¡¢BUS¡¢Gudrun Gut VJ: 8GG
Music support: Laptop-Hu Zi, Dj-Boby
booking tickets: [english] 13011886112 [chinese] CALL£º8008103721 65287673/74/75 65287723/50/59/91
Media promoter: Zhong Sheng13911102710, Yanjun 13001069061
Orgnizer: Noise Asia Ltd. Altmusic Society MSG production Acid power music
promote by: MSG productionSponsor: The Loft
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Thomas Fehlmann
Ocean Club and the ORB

Thomas Fehlmann *1957 Oliver kahn: weiter, weiter, immer weiter! Originally from Z¨¹rich, Thomas Fehlmann moved to Hamburg in 1976 in pursuit of love and art. A passionate record collector since childhood, music became the focus of activity during his time at the Hamburg Art Academy - instead of going on holiday, he bought a Korg MS20 synthesizer. A chance meeting with Holger Hiller soon resulted in the founding of Palais Schaumburg. Often described as avant-garde, the group combined deconstructive tape experimentation with pop sensibility. Palais Schaumburg became the creative spearhead of the movement later known as Neue Deutsche Welle. Fehlmann was the nucleus and driving force behind the group for over five years. After Palais Schaumburg disbanded in 1984, Fehlmann moved to Berlin where he began a creative reorientation. Falling prices for electronic equipment spurred a new movement best described by two magic words: "home studio" and "sampler." Although the setup was rather primitive, the foundation for Fehlmann's do-it-yourself approach was laid. Under the moniker Ready Made, he began to explore electronic music with danceable beats - while pushing the boundaries between borrowed sounds and innovative creations. "House Music" was just beginning to appear on the scene. In the late 88 Fehlmann launched the record label Teutonic Beats. Two compilations and numerous 12" singles by the emerging German electronic music scene, later to be called techno. The lineup included such figures as Moritz von Oswald, J?rg Burger, Wolfgang Voigt in addition to Sun Electric and Westbam. The records created a furor and caught the attention of Alex Paterson, an A&R representative at EG. In 1989 Fehlmann traveled to London, and EG agreed to release the material. The single "Movin'" by Marathon landed in the charts. At that time, Paterson was conceptualizing the Orb, and creative synergy soon followed. Fehlmann became a co-producer and writer for the project and assumed his role as a "floating member" of the group. Paterson convinced Fehlmann to accompany the Orb on tour as a DJ - and an undiscovered world was revealed. A teeming new cosmos in London became his nucleus for groundbreaking work. In 1994 Fehlmann collaborated with Paterson, Kris Weston, and former mentor Robert Fripp to record the album FFWD >>- now regarded as a milestone in establishing electronic music beyond the club clich¨¦. During his sparetime in Berlin he additionally worked for tresor records and collaborated as 3MB with Moritz von Oswald and Juan Atkins as well as working with Underground Resistance, Blake Baxter, and Eddie "Flashin'" Fowlkes. This sent a powerful message and solidified the notorious Berlin-Detroit connection. Fehlmann has been based permanently in Berlin again since 1995, where he works on producing original material, writing with the orb, remixing work from other artists, DJing, and contributing to the Ocean Club. Ocean Club grew out of a musical partnership with Gudrun Gut and soon spawned regular evening events. A one-year stint as resident at Tresor in Berlin and club installations across Europe followed and have inspired the members to exploit all aspects of their creative potential. Designing the rooms (in gallerys and museums) creating the visuals and incorporate other subjects to clubculture as reading and painting. The Ocean Club radio show premiered in 1998. Hosted by Gut, Fehlmann, and assorted Ocean Club activists, the weekly two-hour program is broadcast on Radio Eins (SFB/ORB) and features a musical spectrum ranging from Neil Young and K?ln/Kompakt artists to Madlib and DJ Koze. The perspective of the show is in perpetual expansion. Through Ocean Club, Fehlmann's role as DJ has continued to expand: a two-year residency at WMF in Berlin; a pointed and charming Ocean Club compilation; and virtually countless DJ gigs from Beijing to Helsinki have proved fertile ground for innovation. Major events at the Berlin Volksb¨¹hne (renowned for its complex and explosive material) have met with resounding success. Fresh tracks from Fehlmann have appeared on compilations released by f.e. Plug Research, Scape, and Vertical Form. Since 2002 his work is available on the Cologne-based Kompakt label. Insiders anticipate a new album and live dates later this year¡­

Good Fridge - flowing ninezeronineight apollo/R&S CD
One To Three. Overflow. NineNine/ND apollo/R&S CD
komfort labor presents: oceanclub (compilation) WMFREC CD
making it whistle kompakt 51 12"
streets of blah kompakt 12"
visions of blah komapkt CD

Gudrun Gut
Ocean club founder and DJ

Gudrun Gut is an eclectic one, spanning a wide range of media and collaborations. Founder and owner of two labels (Moabit Records and Monika Enterprise) Gut promotes unconventional approaches by female artists, allowing them maximum control over the production process. Moabit Records (est. 1990, 10 releases to date) reissues material by Malaria!, Matador, Miasma and other projects with a personal involvement, while Monika Enterprise supports young artist in the realm of new electronic/independent music (est. 1997, 23 releases to date) such as Quarks, Barbara Morgenstern, Komeit or Contriva A skilled audio engineer, programmer and record producer Gut is active in the technical production and commercial sectors of the recording industry and has taught workshops for women in creative electronic audio production. While still a student at the Hochschule der K?ste, Berlin (1978-84) Gut first came to prominence in the early eighties as part of a scene the media dubbed "ingenious dilettantes". A member of Mania D and an early incarnation of Einst?zende Neubauten she soon formed successful eighties all-female art rock band, 'MALARIA!' with Bettina Koester, touring Europe and the USA. ('Malaria!' is still in available and even reached the charts in 2001 via a remix by "ChicKs on Speed", incidentally). In the late eighties Gut was part of three women band MATADOR and started to use a computer for her compositions - since the early nineties Gut has been responsible for numerous scores for film, video and radio plays. In 1991 she started the Miasma Project, an international mixed media collaboration with Myra Davies (Canada). Two years later she founded the Ocean Club ( ), a loose collective of likeminded souls with a unique approach for tackling music from a variety of angles. Together with Thomas Fehlmann Gut now hosts and co-produces Ocean Club Radio, a weekly 2 hour show of eclectic sounds on Radio Eins, Berlin - for real audio streams check out: ocean club radio bei radio eins Introduced to internet broadcasting and new media communications Gut regularly produces live electronic media events all over Europe, featuring both her own work and that of other artists. Selected Performances: - Monthly Ocean Club nights at the WMF Lounge, Berlin (voted best German Club in several German music magazines). - Regular Dj guest appearances with the Ocean Club around Europe - Co-producer and host of the successful Ocean Club volk.1-3 events at the Berlin Volksb?ne, featuring electronic artists from seminal independent label/ shop/ distribution company Kompakt ("K?nKompakt", June 2000), a huge label night for Mute Records ("StumMute", November 2000) and a loving display of the broad range of Berlin-based artists in a comprehensive Berlin-label night ("B?enmarken", November 2001) - First Stories Exebition, Porto 2001 opening event with Barbara Morgenstern - Cyberfeminism Festival, Bruxelles, Oct 2000 with workshop and performance. - Ocean Club at the Meltdown Festival of German Music, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 1999 - Berlin Biennale Congress 2000, collaboration with Swiss performance artist Pipilotti Rist at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Culture), 1998 on

leptop electro groupTom Thiel+DJ Daniel Meteo

westen sc10 12"
EFA 27110-6 release date: march 22nd 2002 After a sneak preview on staedtizism 2, the scape compilation assembling a wide range of well-known electronic artists touched by jazz harmonies and dub approaches, bus, a project by Daniel Meteo and Tom Thiel, has devised a unique formula to expand this medium. Like a chemical reaction they have synthesised a brand new alloy from pop and dub, leaving no obvious traces of the original input. Given a fictitious audio microscope much would be unveiled about the astonishing variety of noises and rhythmic shifts hidden under the bonnet of a comfortably purring bass drum. Bus deal in subtleties: you won1t find direct stylistic references or even discernible samples on either "Westen2 or "Spanish Techno2. Preferring the file to the crowbar dub marks the boundaries of soundscapes where slickly grooving, atypical noises adopt the rhythmic patterns of a hiphop beat and undoubtedly reggae-based guitar picks merge into subliminal streams. This is music which, as Meteo suggests, would feel at home on a club1s second dance floor - a place less concerned with forced exhilaration or the need to dance, but with fresh and open listening approaches. AG Penthouse1s (aka J?rg Burger & Antonelli Electric aka Popup) HdR-remix, too, is reminiscent of a chemical treatment: the recovery and isolation of elements. While Bus prefer to hide pop references, AG Penthouse do no shy away from experimenting with its heart-wrenching qualities, creating space pop more than a Cologne-D¨¹sseldorf divide away from similar approaches favoured by the likes of Air. AG Penthouse uncover beauty and surround it with bizarre psychedelica - somewhere between track and song they have created room for an ecstatically idiosyncratic piece of music. Daniel Meteo studied music, played with dub reggae band Submission and has his hand in more than a few Berlin club activities. As Meteo he spins Jamaican Vinyl to enthusiastic dancehall crowds and runs his rather more traditional dub label under the same moniker. Tom Thiel, too, has a history: Together with Max Loderbauer he founded downtempo electronica project Sun Electric, later spawning s.e. berlin. In this city he is a member of the Ocean Club, a loose association of artists and musicians around Gudrun Gut and Thomas Fehlmann. Tracklisting:
a1: westen
b1: spanish techno
b2: westen( HdR-Remix by AG Penthouse feat. C&P)

Daniel Meteo
Dub Reggae Dj



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